Mar 122015

web Anne-Stokes-Ad We are really pleased to announce a great new range of T-shirts, throws, blankets, beach towels and bandanas featuring my art for customers in North America!

As a special promotion offer to launch the range you can get 20% off the latest official Anne Stokes merchandise with code “AnneStokes” exclusively at Popfunk. This offer is valid until April 12th 2015.

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This merchandise is only available to customers in North America. However there will be a new range of clothing for Europe very soon.

Jan 122015

web card promo image
I’m pleased to announce that this new Steampunk themed playing card deck featuring my artwork is ready for release and will be in stores worldwide soon.

Nov 192014

Realm of Enchantment web
I’ve been working on a new theme, the first artwork of which is called Realm of Enchantment. You can view it in full in the “Fae” gallery linked to above, or on my Facebook page at