Jan 122015

web card promo image
I’m pleased to announce that this new Steampunk themed playing card deck featuring my artwork is ready for release and will be in stores worldwide soon.

Nov 192014

Realm of Enchantment web
I’ve been working on a new theme, the first artwork of which is called Realm of Enchantment. You can view it in full in the “Fae” gallery linked to above, or on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/annestokesart

Nov 072014

tattoos We have posted a selection of new photos received in the tattoo gallery on this site. If you have an Anne Stokes art inspired tattoo that you would like featured also, you can email it to us or post it on the Facebook page.

Every tattoo artist has their own style and interpretation of the designs and it is always interesting to see these, and hear from people why they chose to have the design tattooed. Anyone is welcome to use the art for tattoos, free of charge. We do like to see a photo of how they turned out.