Sep 122014

incense ascw

Pictured here is a new range of Anne Stokes Collection incense. We had a lot of fun smelling incense and choosing the aromas to match each of my artworks featured on the packaging designs. In fact my office has never smelled so nice! They are produced by Elements and will be available for sale in shops soon.
Shops looking for wholesale information can find out more by visiting the Something Different web site at

Mar 262014


A set of four dragon themed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles featuring Anne’s art are available now from Australian puzzle manufacturers Holdson. You can find them at by putting “Anne Stokes” in the search box

Feb 182014


If you are on Facebook, a great way to keep up with the latest news is to “Like” the Anne Stokes Facebook page which you can view at . We are pleased that there are already over 125,000 members of the page and this number is growing all the time. Anne gives updates and comments on her new art here, and it is an opportunity for fans to post comments and share images that they like.